Sunday, 19 January 2014

Show Me the Money

I am working with a local "business to consumer" strategic promotion marketing company.

They have an excellent idea - create a visually appealing strategic promotion - organize several complimentary offers to lower costs and increase the appeal of the promotion. They monitor the distribution to see how the promotion sales are occurring and insure that both the online and local physical promotion are actually delivered to the targeted locations.

As an extension of the basic idea and business we are creating an appealing strategic promotion for Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-lake - however - we will deliver it in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The idea is to create excellent price/promotion offers during the slow October to April tourist season and motivate Torontonians to tour Niagara and enjoy the excellent hotels, restaurants, attractions and shows.

All tourist facility promoters have the same questions - how will you deliver this promotion? and who gets them?.

One of the first criteria is people who can afford to spend $250 to $2,000 each for an excellent weekend package.

The financial information about who makes what is everywhere. We can answer that very important "Show me the money"  question.

Here are some examples of why the people in Toronto can afford to enjoy Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake.

Toronto Sun - Ontario’s millionaire medics are overpaid, the province’s health minister said Monday. The list of 407 million-plus earners is dominated by cardiologists, radiologists and ophthalmologists.

CBC News - The number of public-sector workers earning more than $100,000 has grown, the provincial government's latest "sunshine list" reveals. The list, released annually, now includes the names of 88,412 people, an increase of 11 per cent over the number of individuals included on the list in 2012. Since 2009, its ranks have grown by 39 per cent.

How much Canada's top 100 CEOs got paid last year

Salary chart for new lawyers Toronto

Top 20 Toronto Starting Salaries

1.Doctor: $100,000 (average starting salary for a GP) Source: Workopolis
2.Dentist: $90,000 Source: Workopolis
3.Petroleum engineer: $86,220 Source: Workopolis
4.Data security analyst: $83,250 Source: Workopolis
5.Lawyer, first-year associate, large firm: $81,750-$89,000 Source: Canadian Lawyer survey
6.Web site developer/user experience designer: $80,000 Source: Workopolis
7.Mobile applications developers: $72,500 Source: Workopolis
8.Chemical engineer: $72,407 Source: CACEE
9.Financial controller: $70,000 Source: Workopolis
10.Lawyer, first-year associate, midsize firm: $64,000-$77,500 Source: Canadian Lawyer survey
11.Lawyer, first-year associate, small/midsize firm: $63,250-$68,500 Source: Canadian Lawyer survey
12.Industrial/mechanical engineer: $61,944 Source: CACEE
13.Mining engineer: $59,612 Source:
14.Accountant: $58,750 Sources: Workopolis and
15.Nurse: $55,000 Source: Workopolis
16.Banking/finance: $53,831 Source: CACEE
17.Geologist/geophysicist (in the petroleum industry): $53,058 Source:
18.Web designer: $49,980 Source:
19.Database analyst: $48,056 Source:
20.Lawyer, first-year associate, small firm: $48,000-$65,250 Source: Canadian Lawyer survey

National Salary Averages

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